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T H E   L O T  &  V  P   S T A G E

As a full-service studio, FIN STUDIO PICTURES is proud to announce the development of our bespoke studio facilities, poised to revolutionise the filmmaking landscape.


Nestled within our expansive campus are four spacious sound stages, a state-of-the-art Multi-use Virtual Production Studio, expansive back lots, production offices, workshops, and a plethora of amenities including restaurants, rental houses, shops, and a hotel.

Accessible to all, our studio facilities serve as the beating heart of our pipeline work, offering productions unparalleled versatility and flexibility with on-demand studio space.


What sets us apart is our commitment to accessibility—we've reimagined the traditional rental model to dramatically lower rates, ensuring that projects across the media sector can leverage our top-tier facilities.

Conveniently located within the prestigious 'Golden Triangle,' our studios boast direct rail links to Waterloo and Heathrow Airport, with the Elizabeth line just 10 minutes away.


Easy access to major roadways including the M4, M25, and A3 simplifies logistics, while ample crew parking and dedicated truck access facilitate seamless loading and unloading between stages.

For inquiries regarding availability for your upcoming project, please contact our facilities manager at Join us in shaping the future of filmmaking at FIN STUDIO PICTURES.



World’s Largest Fully Encapsulated VP Stage Opening in the UK

With a backwall of 84m x 7m, FIN STUDIO PICTURES first large scale VP stage, opening in the Thames Valley, will be the world’s most advanced fully encapsulated virtual production volume.

It’s not just the screen size that’s impressive; the technical credentials and production options are second to none with industry leaders partnering with Fin Studio Pictures to seamlessly integrate the most advanced systems and software.

​Dan Constantinou, CEO of Fin Studio Pictures


“Starting from a pure production mindset, we’ve designed the ultimate VP stage with no compromises. When it’s done correctly, VP is an extremely powerful tool, removing uncertainty for filmmakers, creating new options, and allowing them to shoot without restraints.


We identified early on that a VP stage needs to be in a full studio setting so productions can fully integrate this element into their other filming activities.  This advanced filming resource, in addition to our other sound stages, will make our studio world class whilst  providing cost effective options for projects no matter their budget levels.


Every element is best in class, from the LED panels to the backend tech. Our technical partners are working with us to showcase and seamlessly integrate their most advanced systems and software into this flagship project. Our custom designed 32,000 ft² sound stage is large enough to house the huge fully movable screen, raising to 17m in the air and strong enough to hang 200 tonnes from the gantry.


Our VP stage is a permanent installation, with a wealth of walk-in features making it more cost-effective for content creators from the world of film and high-end television as well as commercial shoots, live events and TV broadcasts.


VP is already reshaping the industry and is set to become an increasingly powerful tool for producers to build realistic worlds and tell their stories. We have designed this stunning VP studio from the ground up to meet the needs of state-of-the-art filmmaking for years to come whilst making it accessible for everyone.”

Mark Sandell, COO of Fin Studio Pictures


“We are delighted to have entered into these technical partnerships, whose class-leading tools compliment the ideal environment for our virtual production stages.


We share many of the same goals in terms of growth and innovation and a desire to open up access to new technologies.


“Our cutting-edge VP stages will be a game-changer for the wider production industry, both in terms of the scope of the technology involved as well as the scale.”

FinStudioLooking Glass_edited.jpg

VP Stage Technical Highlights:


  • 84m x 7m screen created with over 140 million pixels

  • 3,000m2 VP floorspace

  • Fully encapsulated ceiling with accurate pixel match

  • 210-degree circumference with separate independently tracked 6m x 7m movable side screens to increase wraparound to 360-degrees

  • Screen raises 17m to gantry allowing sets to be built below the volume

  • Both ceiling and wall can be independently moved, allowing filming runs of 60 straight meters to screen.

  • Bespoke market leading high frame rate LED screens with full-colour management pipeline

  • Sync sound with 0Db silent screen operation, passive cooling, and acoustic damping

  • Integrated motion control rolling road and turntable system linked to the volume

  • 2.5d Pipelines plus Unity and Unreal Engine cluster rendering with low latency outputs.

  • Advanced disguise integration – real-time set extensions, node rendering, DMX control, video playout and full motion capture tracking solutions

  • Full rate motion capture stage and advanced camera positioning system (including additional remote cameras for continued capture inside set structures) engineered and configured by Target3D

  • Exclusive Brompton Technology processor configurations

  • Exceeds Netflix Large Stage Accreditation

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